Jeff Anderson

CEO & Co-Founder

Jeff has an extensive background in Information Technology and Service Delivery.  He came up through the ranks on the corporate side of IT, ranging from Telecommunication companies to IBM & Dell.  Regardless of the company, project or solution being implemented, he has a unique vision on delivery:  "Execution of successful IT solution delivery is never simple.  It's a combination of analyzing and executing efficiently PEOPLE, PROCESS and TECHNOLOGY. All of these aspects go hand in hand and if one or multiple of these levers is lacking, your chances of success are always minimized".

Jeff has traveled the globe in a Consulting Service Delivery role.  He understands large scale IT transformation projects and staffing.  He has also been a buyer of IT Staffing services for many years.  He understands first-hand what it's like to be on the client side of hiring IT consulting resources and Zilker Partners works this first-hand knowledge into the delivery process with their clients.

Jeff is responsible for operations, strategy, business development and consulting advisory at Zilker Partners.